When we receive your payment (deposit) and / or final payment whichindicates that you and/or your travel agency (if applicable) have read andagreed with our terms and conditions. Paragraphsand conditions are the basis of the contract between the Indochina Travel agency and clients. We hope that our customers understand and follow paragraphs andconditions mentioned on our website.

How can book tour with us?

When we receive your payment (deposit) and / or final payment whichindicates that you and/or your travel agency (if applicable) have read andagreed with our terms and conditions.

Paragraphsand conditions are the basis of the contract between the Indochina Travel agency  and clients. We hope that our customers understand and follow paragraphs andconditions mentioned on our website.


You can book a tour through our email: info@indochinatigertravel.com or

sm@indochinatigertravel.com or call (++ 84-4) 326 32000). Your order willbe confirmed within 2working days.

*Deposit and final payment*

All the payments for tourist services between The Agent or Clients and the Tour operator are to be made in US $ representing the correct amount as per invoice. The payment should preferably be made by wire transfer directly into the account of the Tour operator. The payment is accepted as completely done only once the amount of the bank-transfer from The Agent is shown-up into the bank account of Tour operator. If Agent does not respect the payment deadline clearly mentioned in the invoice of Tour operator, all the services confirmed for The Agent tour will be automatically cancelled, and Tour operator- is not responsible to reimburse any indemnity for this cancellation due to the late payment of The Agent.

*Payment methods*

Customers must pay for the tourlater than 45 working days prior to their

arrival in Vietnam. We offer you somes payment methods:

Transfer of money through a bank of Indochina Tiger Travel

Co., LTD «IndochinaTigerTravel»

Address: 180Hoang Ngan str, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

Teл.: (84-24) 320 00 326 Факс: (84-24) 320 00 326


  Bank name: VietNam  Prosperity joint stock commercial Banks (VP bank)

  Bank account (USD): 79747238

  Bank address: 72 Tran Hung Dao street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam


*Cancellation and refund*

When Agent cancels the services reserved, Agent is responsible to pay the indemnity as exactly as according to the Cancellation condition clearly mentioned in the invoice of Tour operator.

If the cancellation periods differ from the above said Principal gives back the money to Agent except for the documentarily confirmed expenditures. Principal also collects fines in the following size:

30 – 15 days – 25% of tourist product cost

14 – 8 days – 50% of tourist product cost

7 – 3 days – 100% of tourist product cost

No Show - 100% of tourist product cost

*Documents for travel.*

All clients must be responsible for your valid passport and necessary visas or permits before the start of the trip. All these documents are required to have clients with us. Our consultants will help you to process thenecessary documents for the trip. The company «Indochina Tiger Travel» have responsibility for ensuring that the tourists would receive the relevant documents in due time.

The requirement for the tourists to keep them healthy. Customers should pay attention to the international adventure travel because such trips require the tourists in good health. Tourists should be

familiar with the medical requirements applicable to the areas they intend to visit. Tourists themselves must bear the sole responsibility for the security check tours for their own health, vaccination and compliance in countries that tourists will visit, or they will be in transit. A customer who wants to take part in public - or adventure travel must submit a doctor's certification which shows that it is allowed him/her to participate in this adventure travel and pressure and heart condition are normal. This is a necessary requirement for the client to ensure its security.

Free baggage allowance.

All baggage that carries passengers, including carry-on baggage in the cabin, must be presented at check-in, which is caused by the requirements of flight safety. The Airline is responsible for the preservation of luggage, take it marks the baggage tag and transported in the cargo hold of the


Free baggage allowance on flights of Vietnam Airlines: in economy class - 20-30 kg., In business class - 30-40 kg per passenger. In this baggage, theremust be no more than two meters in length. Payment of excess baggage at the airport is charged during the registration of the ticket for all transportation to destination.

The passenger has the right to bring into the cabin one piece of hand baggage, which must fit in the luggage rack above or below the seats. You can also be free to carry with them a handbag, a folder for papers, a coat or a raincoat, umbrella, camera, laptop, printed publications to read during the flight.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance covers damage which may be incurred by the traveler during foreign travel.

Package tours of Indochina Tiger Travel do not include travel insurance in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We recommend you to buy a full travel insurance policy on your own,  your country.

*Complaints and requests*

If you have any comments on our service in the round, then please Contact the Guide  or Manager by phone (+84) 979 978 499, so that later, during your trip, please do not repeat similar problem case of a complaint or claim compensation, we recommend that you inform us by e-mail: info@indochinatigertravel.com: info@indochinatigertravel.com, within 15 days after the end of the tour. The relevant statements and evidence should be attached to the letter of the request for compensation. The travel agency is not responsible for any claims made later than 15 days after the end of the tour. *Voucher* Travel company giving a voucher after a tourist book the trip will produce a confirmation of full payment of the tour. Travel voucher will be sent to the tourist by e-mail, fax or through the mail.


The travel agency is not liable for any damage, injury or damage to persons or property, rerouting or cancellation of flights due to bad weather, damage to vehicles and equipment, government action or other representatives of the host country authorities, war, civil unrest, strikes, riots, thefts, epidemics, quarantine, medical or customs regulations, terrorist activities, or any other actions that are beyond the

control of Indochina Tiger Travel. Indochina Tiger Travel Company and any of its affiliates shall not be liable for any costs for each the tour as a result, the above-reasons.

Tourists should have insurance for your trip in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The policy should include compensation for the cancellation of travel, emergency medical evacuation and other unforeseen circumstances. Schedule airlines, trains, and particularly local conditions may affect the living conditions, and the composition of the route of the tour. We will try to replace unavailable at the moment of the tour for such components, -suitable-and-similar-in value.

We are not responsible for any incorrect information, inaccuracy, omission excursions, rerouting, cancellation or other illegal actions of any supplier services as transportation carriers, cruises, hotels, a tourist who bought their own and were not controlled by Indochina Tiger Travel.

Indochina Tiger Travel Company is not responsible for violation of customs regulations by tourists crossing state borders of host countries. We are not responsible for theft or loss of expensive items and equipment that have occurred because of changing tour program. Travel agency - Indochina Tiger Travel reserves the right to change hotel, flight, cruise or substitute route or cancel the tour prior to departure of the tourist. If we cancel the tour before it starts, it is our responsibility - a full refund, the company Indochina Tiger Travel has received from the tourist.

Many of the package tours of Indochina Tiger require high attention from tourists such as boating, hiking in the mountains, cycling, kayaking, caving and others. Representatives of Indochina Tiger Travel will help you with the warning that these above activities is associated with certain risks. Therefore, you should take this into account and to take measures to preserve your health while traveling.

Indochina Tiger Travel Company reserves the right to modify or cancel the terms of a whole and part, at any time without prior notice.