1. Mrs. Van Anh  (Anna) – Director 

More than 10 years of experience in tourism, pure passion to travelling gives me inspiration to organize and bring every day the best service for all tourists from all over the world.  Philosophy of our company is to make benefit to our tourists.

With loving of travelling, and having more 10 experiences for travelling, I want bring the best services for all tourists in the world.  Our company's working philosophy is to bring more value to our customers.

Email: info@indochinatigertravel.com

Skype: indochina.tiger_travel

Mobile phone: +84 979 978 499 (Whatshap/ Viber/ Zalo)

2. Mr. Cao Tung – СFO

As a businessman, I do understand that it is necessary to have suitable flight itineraries which fit with working schedules in globalization.

As a CFO, I have been sharing solutions in budgeting of travel cost of companies and organizations.

As a conscientious service supplier, we provide global travel services on flights, luxury hotel stays, visa, pick up, drop off.

With my knowledge and 10 years of experience in training and educating in aviation, we commit to bring the lowest cost and effective solutions for you and your business.

Email: edward@indochinatigertravel.com

Mobile phone: +84 904 458 916 (Viber/ Zalo)

3. Mr. Thanh Tung – Branch Directorin Ho Chi Minh City

Multitasking and working under high pressure are my best skills. Graduation of Vietnam Aviation Academy and Marketing University and wide experience in ticketing and aviation gives me great opportunity to be a valuable part of the Indochina Tiger team and take part in the building leading and successful brand in our market.

Email: brd@indochinatigertravel.com

Skype: indochina.tigertravelbrm

Mobile phone: +84 917 193 989

4. Mrs. Yulia Kireva - Marketing Director 

Though I have second name called by my friends and partners as Yulia Vietnam. I think it explains much as I am keen to Asia and always keep exploring for new experience and tastes. I had been living in Asia for 4 years and after we opened representative office in Moscow and most time I work at Moscow office which helps to give round the clock service with all our partners and tourists from Europe and Russian speaking countries.

Moreover, I always try on and keep travelling and search for new places, restaurants and unique experience. So my home is still Asia. And it’s not only about Vietnam but Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. We keep developing and expanding our possibilities. So don't hesitate to contact us and we can arrange any route starting from absolutely exclusive to economy backpacking style. And I am sure you will fell in love with Asia and come back again!

Email: book@indochinatigertravel.com

Skype: yulia-indochina

Mobile phone: +79 269 765 165

5. MsHong – Sales Department for Domestic Market

My passion to travelling made me to graduate successfully tourism department at Hanoi college.  After I was welcomed in Indochina Tiger so working together helps me to make my hobby a valuable profession.

Here every day I get amazing experience and strive to make great service for our customers. Together we are developing and growing to be the best of the best

6. Ms  Trang – Contracting Department

When I studied at the Hanoi Cultural University in the Faculty of Culture, my teachers made me in love studying culture, the history of Vietnam. And after graduating from university, I began to work in the company of the tourist company Indochina Tiger, where I can develop my abilities. Together we open our world travelers who explore it with us.

7. Ms Hue – Chief Accountant (Главныйбухгалтер)

After graduationfrom NationalEconomicUniversity, I worked in a different companies. I thought that my job was boring. But when I startedworking in Indochina Tiger Travel, my job becomes more and more interesting because I have chance to work with foreign colleagues from others country and with our young and active team in company. It brings to my life more joy and confidence being at right place.

Email: acc1@indochinatigertravel.com 

8. Mrs. Huong – Accountant 

Graduated from the Academy of Banking Finance, I did not understand what my profession would bring in future. But working in the Indochina Tiger Travel gives me real family of passionate enthusiast of their business. Commitment, responsibility, always placing interests of customers at the first place is the motto of our cooperation. LoveyouandlovetheTigerFamilyverymuch!!!!!

9. Hoang Thi Lan Anh Operation Department

I graduated from Hung Vuong University with majoring in Vietnamese studies. With a passion for travelling and a desire to bring my customers high-quality, perfect and affordable services, I am pursuing my job at Indochina Tiger Travel. After more than two years of working as an operating staff, I realized that this is the ideal environment for me to learn, improve and develop myself

10. Ms. HiepSales Department for Russian Market 

After graduating from the Faculty of Russian Linguistics and Culture of the College of Foreign Languages, love to the Russian language and exploring the different regions of Vietnam gave me passion to pursue my work at Indochina Tiger Travel.

After nearly two years working at this company, for me this is not only a place to work, but also it's really a second home, a place for me to study, to accumulate my own experience where bringing to the best service to the customers is our motto.

11. Mrs. Tran – Ticketing Department (Отделбронизованияавиабилетов)

My hobby is reading and traveling. Now I work for the company Indochina TigerTravel, where passionate, hardworking and funny colleagues work. And with my experience in booking air tickets, I can helptobook and recommend to tourists the cheapest and most profitable airline tickets

12. Ms. Thu - Ticketing Department 

Until now I have 3 years of experience in sales of air tickets. With a sense of responsibility and honesty, I always bring best possibilities to customers for travelling.

13. Ms. Tam  - Ticketing Department 

Creative, dynamic and enthusiasm are Indochina Tiger Travel’s environment where I’ve worked  from the beginning. I want to represent my company excellent services in air tickets with my customer mindset and ticketing experiences. Therefore I can develop myself and fulfill my traveling hobby.

14. Ms. Thoa (Tanya) – Sales Manager 

After graduation from the Faculty of Russian Linguistics and Culture of the College of Foreign Languages, I began to engage in tourism. After 8 years, I got great background of knowledgein that area.

I love my job and strive to bring to my clients the best services with maximum pleasure. Coming backof our tourists to us is a proof of the quality of our company as a whole, of each employee in particular!

Email: sm@indochinatigertravel.com

Skype: indochina.tiger_travel2

Mobile phone: +84 984 987 769

15. Mr. David–Sales Department 

I am fond of photo shooting and traveling which can bring our local view of living inside and travelling in Asia. So combining together my hobby with sales and marketing experiences in travel Industry, I can help people enjoying their best and creative travel trip ever